The family

The Fornasari/Saccardo family began the industrial business in the 19th century with a textile company. 

  • The first machine sold in Italy was purchased in Schio by one of the members of the Saccardo family (Gaetano Rossi).

  • The family builds up an important car collection, creating the Italian Bugatti registry in the early 1960s by owning 15 Bugattis.

~ Gigi Fornasari aboard a Maserati a6g Zagato; Mille Miglia 1956 ~

 a gentleman driver

Gigi Fornasari

Gigi Fornasari, Giuseppe's father, distinguished himself as a skilled driver, taking part in numerous important races of the time, such as the Mille Miglia between 1950 and 1956. During these events, he raced aboard Alfa Romeos and Maseratis, representing the Sant Ambroeus stable in Milan.

Despite his ability as a fast driver, Gigi Fornasari was a typical gentleman driver who, instead of dedicating himself exclusively to racing, preferred to concentrate on work and family.

~ Giuseppe and Vincenzo Fornasari on a “Bugattina” ~

The story of

Giuseppe Fornasari

Growing up in a family with a passion for engines, Giuseppe Fornasari was passionate about the world of cars and fast driving from an early age. His father Luigi often took his sons on mountain adventures in powerful cars, further fueling Giuseppe's passion for driving.

In this environment, a love of driving developed naturally for Giuseppe. From the age of 10, he made his first driving experiments with homemade go-karts and small tractors, which represented his first driving experiences.

With the age for the license, the first races with off-road motorcycles gave way to night raids with rally forklifts, where Giuseppe enjoyed darting over dirt and snow-covered terrain.

In 1990, a trip to America made Giuseppe discover the Corvette, which he subsequently imported into Italy. He appreciated its great driveability and the technical potential of American cars, so different from European constructions.


In 1994, the idea of racing a Corvette led to a meeting with Reeves Callaway and a distribution deal for Italy and Austria. This meeting led to the creation of the Callaway Le Mans in Italy, modified Corvette cars that dominated the GT competitions of those years.

This allowed Giuseppe to understand how to build high performance vehicles.

The vision

In 1995, the idea was born to create a car as fast as a GT, but usable on any terrain and suitable for the family: thus the sportiest and fastest SUV of those years was born.

The start


  • 1999 Fornasari was born in Vicenza
  • In 2001 the first SUV was presented at the Bologna motor show: the Fornasari RR 450


The beginnings

After its debut in Bologna, the SUV underwent tests and modifications, also on an aesthetic level, over the following two years, thus demonstrating the quality of the project.

In 2003, the first racing frames were prepared and the first national and international all-terrain competitions took place.

In 2004, the evolved version of the RR 450 was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show and at the Athens Motor Show, marking the beginning of the cars' marketing.

~ RR 450 Athens salon 2004 ~



During this period, activity focused on two main fronts. On the one hand, there was an increasing participation in national and international races, with a team made up of 4 cars. On the other hand, there was the development of the marketing of production cars.

During these years, distribution contracts were signed in the Middle East, with participation in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi shows. At the same time, sales of the first examples of the RR 600, the updated version of the RR 450, were launched in Europe.

In 2008, at the Geneva International Motor Show, two innovations were presented together with the RR 600: the Group B and the all-electric SUV project. The year ended with participation in the Paris International Exhibition.

~ RR 600 ~


The creative expansion

In 2009, Fornasari concentrated its activity on the creation of new models, including the first 4-door, the RR 99, which was presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Furthermore, two models dedicated to particular markets were developed: the Racing Buggy and the Tender, demonstrating the creativity and freedom of thought of the car manufacturer.

In March 2010, at the Geneva Motor Show, 5 new vehicles were introduced: the Tender, the Group B, the Racing Buggy, the RR 99 and the RR 66, which represents the two-door version of the RR 99. The production effort and creative causes a big stir during the show.

2010 will be a year dedicated to perfecting new models and formalizing new production and distribution agreements in the Middle East. After the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, the first vehicles will be transferred to the Middle East to organize production, thus consolidating Fornasari's presence in that region.

~ Stand Fornasari Geneva 2010 ~


New models and new perspectives

In 2012, Fornasari began designing two new models: the Fornasari 311 GT and the Fornasari Hunter. These models are presented as 1:1 scale prototypes during the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. In the meantime, Fornasari returns to competition by participating in the Pharaohs' Rally with the Racing Buggy, which will later also be used in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in 2014 and in 2016.

In 2014, Fornasari participates in the Desert Challenge and continues, in the Middle East, with the development of the two new models that will be presented in Geneva.

In 2015, the decision to close the business in Italy was taken. However, in 2016, the production of the Gigi 311 GT model was organized, with the creation of a production unit in Eastern Europe, opening up new prospects for Fornasari.

~ Concept Gigi 311 GT ~


It takes shape

The first examples of the 311 GT are built and developed and will be exhibited in March 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show.

In 2020-2021 the activity meets a forced stop due to the pandemic.

~ Fornasari Gigi 311 GT ~


New projects

New projects are starting to take shape. Fornasari looks to the future with a new range of SUVs and with great interest in new technologies.


~ New Hyper SUV ~

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