Building the Future

The relationship with the future

For us, the future is creative joy, responsibility and technology, is the aim of our work.

Designing in freedom, faithful to the passion for beauty, the pleasure of driving and the uniqueness of the object.

Endothermic, hybrid, electric: everything you need, when you need it and how you need it.

The thrill of owning a unique vehicle remains at the heart of our thinking.


a new range


Fornasari was born more than 20 years ago imagining a new multi-purpose sports vehicle: the most extreme and powerful SUV of those years. 

We keep faith with our creed: to create something unique, powerful but light, with an unmistakable line to defy time and amaze.

Not just one model, but a range: Dakar, Pikes Peak and Monte Carlo. Four doors and two doors. From four to two seats.

Fast and light, with the pace of a top road racer or unsurpassed off-road aptitude. For the rally champions: two seater and mid engine!

Ready for the present, endothermic and hybrid, with an eye to the electric future if needed.

Timeless machines continue on their way.


YOU ARE Fornasari


Brought together by a passion for driving and beauty with the aim of sharing ideas and planning the future together.

Let's create an eternal vehicle together, defying time and redefining the concept of uniqueness.

Fornasari it's YOU!

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