Classic Beauty

Fornasari Gigi 311 GT derives from the Italian heritage of the beautiful GT of the 50s. It ideally connects today's production of Fornasari with Gigi Fornasari and his race at the Mille Miglia in 1956.

Entirely made of carbon fiber, it combines a spectacular shape with modern and surprising performance. Two-seater, coupe or convertible, with front mid-engine and transaxle transmission with limited slip differential.

Lightweight and powerful, it's designed for your personal enjoyment.

fornasari gigi blu e bianca

Personalization is de rigueur: both the exterior and the interior are at the discretion of the client's wishes.

The Formula 1 brakes, the carbon or hand-beaten aluminum bodies, cspecial stitching, mprecious and unpredictable materials can find space in the car. 

Everything can be chosen and modified, up to a real one-off with unique sizes and lines.



Handmade, with high quality materials to choose from without limits. The leathers, the Alcantara, the hand-trimmed wool carpeting: the feeling of being at home, wrapped in the reassuring luxury of personally chosen things.

Special seams, original designs, rare and unpredictable materials, everything can be chosen and modified.

Car body

The bodywork in composite materials combines lightness with strength and safety. Carbon fiber, carbon kevlar and honeycomb sandwich are used to achieve the desired performance.

There is no imposed color chart, but the customer chooses his color combinations without limits. Variations in style and components are possible, up to a real one-off.

Technical Specifications


The skeleton of the car is represented by the frame in special chromium-molybdenum steel tubes, a true spaceframe adapted for use by two people. Over 450 tubes crisscross to give stiffness and torsional capacity at a weight of less than 150 kilos. The triangles of the suspension, equal on the four sides, allow perfect control of the working geometry.


fornasari gigi 311 gt strada alberi

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