Four are the versions conceived based on the Gigi 311 GT:

  • Gigi 311 GT
  • Gigi 311 GTS
  • Gigi 311 LM
  • Gigi 311 Rally

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To learn more about the making of the Gigi 311 GT, the idea behind it, and the overall relationship between Fornasari and GT cars, we recommend:

Gigi 311 LM

fornasari gigi blu e bianca

Competitions have always been a fundamental test bench for us to test and improve our cars. The Gigi 311 GT paved the way for us on the track, leading to the creation of the Gigi 311 LM concept, a racing variant.

The 'road' version of the 311 LM is lighter by about a hundred kilograms compared to the GT, while the racing version approaches 1000 kilograms.

The Gigi 311 LM features an elegant profile with a distinctive long nose, front spoiler, and rear wing. Compared to the GT, the LM has undergone significant modifications, including lengthening of the front and rear, widening of the track, and reduction in height.

311 LM Posters

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311 LM Specification Poster
Fornasari Gigi 311 LM Car Poster
311 LM Sogno Rosso Poster
Fornasari Gigi 311 LM Car Poster
311 LM Tricolore Poster
Fornasari Gigi 311 LM Car Poster
311 LM Profondo Rosso Poster
Fornasari Gigi 311 LM Car Poster
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Gigi 311 GTS

fornasari gig spider Side

The 311 GTS, a spider model, is a car with well-balanced lines and is enjoyable to drive.

From a structural standpoint, this car shares many features with the GT version, with the only difference being the open section of the chassis. The two rear roll bars, located behind the seats, remain unchanged, ensuring an essential level of safety in case of rollover.

The soft top, which can be manually opened, integrates perfectly with the concept of simplicity and lightness, keeping the car in harmony with its sporty and thrilling spirit.

Gigi 311 Rally

fornasari gig spider Side

The concept starts with the 311 GT, raising the car by a few centimeters, using long-travel suspensions combined with increased diameter tires, up to 75 cm or even up to 80 cm.

The bodywork has been redesigned in some areas, such as the front and rear wheel arches, to accommodate the new wheels and suspensions. Furthermore, the front and rear of the car have been modified to adapt them to the new functionality, such as usage on unpaved, snowy, or sandy surfaces.

The traction can be rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. American V8 engines can be replaced by Italian V6 engines, with power ranging from 300 to over 700 hp.

The result is a two-seater as tall as a sedan, comfortable to use, capable of effortlessly and swiftly tackling any terrain, while maintaining the seductive lines of the GT.

Gigi 311 GT


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