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With Giuseppe as your guide, you gain unprecedented insights into the inner workings of an automotive brand, as you venture behind the scenes of 25 years of unique automotive history. Explore in detail the process, step by step, of transforming an idea into a fully built car. Spanning from the creation of the first street-ready Callaway LM in the '90s to the iconic Fornasari Gigi 311 GT.

Interview with the founder

Relive the crucial moments in Fornasari's history, from creating the world's fastest SUV to the glorious Gigi 311 GT of today. Each vehicle carries a piece of automotive history, a tangible testament to a man's bold vision and uncompromising innovation. In this captivating interview, Giuseppe Fornasari, the creative soul behind the Fornasari automotive brand, shares with us the fascinating details of his incredible journey in the automotive world, a story steeped in passion and dedication



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Dedicated to the creation of handcrafted vehicles with an unmistakable style, high performance, designed with a visionary spirit and destined for driving enthusiasts.

 Rare cars for special people.


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Pioneers of the luxury sports SUV, masters of customization. Fornasari has been bringing the beauty of Italian automotive design to the market since 1999.

exclusivity, performance, handmade and customization

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80 years of


From the racing of Luigi Fornasari in the 50s to the visionary and high-performance SUV created by Giuseppe Fornasari in the 90s, a common thread has characterized the family:

the love of unique cars and the pleasure of driving

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